Spacing Cedar Shingles

Cedar shingles must be spaced, no and’s, if’s or butt’s!

Maibec recommends 1/8″ space between shingles.

See the PDF Instillation Instructions

The photo above  is of some bowed shingles on a long run over two garage doors. The contractor told our forman that he wanted the shingles tight, a nice job. Our foreman told him of what the manufatture recommends. His responce was, just do it, it will be fine. Obvisiuly the incorect spacing caused a problem with the next rain and was not fine. Wood shingles are always moving,  expanding and contracting with the humidity so they need to be spaced!

Always follow the manufactures recommendations.


~Doug Millen


Right to the Point


Never cut wood shingles to a point!

It is extremely difficult to do without breaking the shingle, it will tend to split along the grain at the point. If you can do it, they will not stand the test of time, and the points will eventually fall off with the normal expansion and contraction of the wood.

Always use a cover trim piece, same as you would do for a rake freeze.